The CCl4 Masons
We like to see ourselves as one of the more open and embracing organisations set on world domination, and just to prove it to you we offer you the world of The CCl4 Masons.

  • Free email address
  • Membership of the CCl4 mailing list
  • Long awaited acceptence within your social group
  • Exemption of execution during any cullings
  • Sexual Favours

You think you're up to it? well, drop The Motley Crew an email saying why you want to be a CCl4 mason and all being well you'll be accepted into the warm loving bosom of CCl4.

It might be a good idea for you to read the Acceptable Use Policy too before taking the plunge, because we're not going to be held responsible if you jump in, the water's too cold and you have a seizure or something.

Become a CCl4 Mason NOW!
Suckers who have taken the plunge...
speckles Julia Woodward   [no web site]
ashley Ashley Frieze
nick Nick Clark
cronin James Cronin
joel Joel Rowbottom
MoZes Stuart Winter
ally Alisdair McDairmid
joy Rachael Munns
simon Simon Hewison
tomcat Peter Corlett
orf Shannon Deakin
davtom David Thomas
zappo Thomas Olsson
abca Alex Bach Andersen
andyd Andy Davidson
t e t r a  c  h  l  o  r  o  m  e  t  h  a  n  e

2003 CCl4
placenta cafae sumus