the ccl4 organisation
CCl4 (or to give it it's full title Tetrachloromethane - no, not carbontetrachloride. urgh) started life in the mid eighties as a bulletin board. A very popular bulletin board. A very popular viewdata bulletin board. It's irrelevence, it's ban of computery stuff and it's belief in the big cheesecake in the sky has propelled it into the stuff of legends.

Now we have crawled up another step on our ladder of world domination (what, another world domination plan!?) and entered the realm of the internet. The bitch is back.

Our Aims...Two of our most sucessful achievements have been ideas above our station and delusions of grandeur. Two little gems that any budding world-dominating force would be proud of.

When it boils down to it with have no aims, simply a destiny. The destiny is The Reason and The Reason is 503. The number Five Hundred and Three has over the years invaded our lives. It has probably been there all along, hiding in corners, jumping out of shopping trollies, lurking on maps, but it has only become apparent during the 90s. For some of our converts it has only become obvious in recent months, but regardless of the time scale, The Reason is out there and watching intently.

There is no God, only The Reason, and The Reason is insane.
Furthermore, we are a cheesecake.
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The Motley Crew...Although CCl4 is just one big happy family, it has been nurtured over the years by just a handful of select individuals. They are your saviours, they are here, revere them...
Dr Chasm Dr Chasm, chasm@, Chasmic, Freak, jARmES, Jimble, James Lawson, James Royal-Lawson, Commander of The Cheesecake, Grand Ruler of the Fish People, Father of Gowland, deflowerer of virgins, nazis in the toilet.
Lord Hickery Lord Hickery, Hick, h@, Hickypoos, Weasel, The Towel, The Babb, Little G, gARetH baBB, William Howard Gareth Huw Babb, Blabbermouth Babb, owner of stones, owner of The Torches, son of a sympathiser.
Mysteron Mysteron, Captain Scarlet (Deceased), mysteron@, Big Ron and his Scissors, Ronald Philip Morgan, holder of The Torch, home to The Cheesecake, wearer of tutus.
Nephew Nephew, Andrew, nephew@, Andrew Clive Boothby, Wendo, If it wasn't for his belt...the gadgets and gravity would win, by the sea he'll breed.
Strowger Strowger, strowger@, Hacker Hills, Big George, George Lawrence Hills, Trainspotter, Nutter, upsetter of sales staff, wearer of Tiaras.
Hector Hector, hector@, Twat, Tosser, useless. Forever speaking words of wisdom. Personally I think he should be melted down.
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Established 1986

? 2003 CCl4
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