. ...The Viewdata Revival
the great viewdata revival
t e t r a  c  h  l  o  r  o  m  e  t  h  a  n  e
CCl4's main page, circa 1994. toxic, probably
Wonder why so many viewdata BBSes began with the letter C...
welcome to connections Steve Pursey's Connections login frame
Cyclone's main page, circa 1990. Cyclone
Dwarfen Realm The Dwarfen Realm's main page
Musictel2, circa 1988. Musictel2
Tequila Sunset Tequila Sunset's main menu, July 23 1990.
If you just so happen to have any vintage viewdata frames lying about anywhere, under the desk, in a cupboard, adopted seemlessly into a neighbours family for a decade and you didn't realise? or if you're an viewdata sysop of yesteryear then please mail us here at CCl4

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