. ...The Viewdata Revival
the great viewdata revival
t e t r a  c  h  l  o  r  o  m  e  t  h  a  n  e
CCl4 is now online and taking the world by storm. You can telnet to it at fish.ccl4.org or bang.ccl4.org on port 23. You will need to download a Viewdata telnet client for your computer.
Peter CorlettXViewdatax/linux

JML New MediajTermwin95


Silicon VillageWorkMate95win95

Pixel TechnologiesTermitewin95

Pericom Softwareteemwin3

University of CologneXbtxxwin

For you Acorn RISCOS users out there we've got a special couple of bits for you right here at CCl4. If you've already got a viewdata capable comms package such as !Arcterm7 then all you need to do is download the serial block drivers below and bung them inside the module directory of !SerialDev.

If you haven't got a viewdata client already, or you want something with a very small footprint (it only takes up 100k of memory) then download CCl4's very own !HippoTerm. It's CCl4 ready, just bung the serial drivers inside !SerialDev, click and go!

serialdev viewdata serial block drivers for CCl4, Heaven and Haven
hippoterm !Hippoterm 0.61 viewdata client and the viewdata serial block drivers for CCl4, Heaven and Haven
* connect right now to CCl4 If you have a Java capable browser.

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