. ...The Torch Saga
t e t r a  c  h  l  o  r  o  m  e  t  h  a  n  e

Now in it's 13th glorious year with the lastest installment three whole years in the making. Will the saga ever achieve anything resembling a plot? let alone any kind of an end? Why doesn't Hilda want Derick to get to Covent Garden? What's with the Sprouts? Have we seen the last of the Green Space Pig? Does the Shopkeeper know more than he's letting on? what happened last time Hilda had a gun stuck in Derick's back? Does anyone know? Does anyone care? Somehow I doubt it.

The Torch Saga has greeted visitors to CCl4 since 1989. Below is The Saga in all its glory, unadulterated, unaltered, unabridged. There basking it its own self-rightous glory.

It's short, shit and very very slow - but my god you'll be gripped...

. ...The Story So Far

Act 1, Scene 1 - The Shop

Act 1, Scene 2 - The Past

...To be continued

t e t r a  c  h  l  o  r  o  m  e  t  h  a  n  e
The latest instalment of The Torch Saga (highlighted in green) was created on 4th February 2002

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