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Do you know, I never thought I'd see the day that we had a software page on CCl4. Urgh, it goes against all of our principals - but hey, what's new?

Here for your joyous use and consumption are a few bits and bobs from the CCl4 software-labs to enhance your life. It's software with little or no support and a proud tradition of totally ignoring user suggestions and requests...oh yes.

hippoterm !Hippoterm 0.61
Hippoterm is a terminal program with a very small footprint (takes up 100k) which supports Viewdata. Via use of the serial drivers it can be used to log onto internet and dialup based viewdata systems Version 0.60 now supports flashing text and proper Teletext magenta. The zip archive contains !Hippoterm and the viewdata serial block drivers for CCl4, Heaven and Haven.
greasynip !GreasyNip 0.03
Front end for Hippoterm to allow selecting of serial drivers via iconbar rather than pissing about with !Run files and the like. The Zip archive contains !GreasyNip (which itself contains !Hippoterm 0.61) and the serial block drivers for CCl4, Heaven and Haven.
deskbabb !DeskBabb
Now every home can have one! Your own little Babb to keep you company during all those long hours sat behind your Acorn.
t e t r a  c  h  l  o  r  o  m  e  t  h  a  n  e

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